May I know more about the Korean makeup workshop?

Our makeup workshop is a self-enrichment course that is specifically designed for beginners. The course covers everything from basic skin preparation to completing a full makeup look (see attached class content). All necessary makeup products will be provided.

Our experienced teachers will focus on teaching makeup techniques and skills that cannot be learned online. In this workshop, you will receive real-time guidance and personalized advice to help you master the art of makeup.
Furthermore, we offer a comfortable and professional learning environment. We highly appreciate and warmly welcome individuals who are interested in empowering themselves through makeup. Join us now! Whatsapp us o register https://wa.me/p/6166982243429793/601110991208

Do I need to bring/ prepare products for the class?

All necessary makeup products will be provided, however you are welcome to bring your own. This will allow our teacher to guide you on how to use your own products and determine if they are suitable for your needs.

What is the language used to conduct the class?


May I know do you conduct the workshop in English as well?

Currently English class is only available in 1- to - 1 private session. We will be having English group class started from year 2024.

Is the workshop open to beginners?

Absolutely! This workshop is specifically designed for beginners. We will start from skincare and guide you through the entire makeup application process. Our teacher will focus on teaching makeup techniques and skills in a simple and easy-to-understand manner. Beginners have nothing to worry about!

If we were to make a comparison, what sets apart the knowledge we gain from this workshop compared to online videos?

When comparing the knowledge acquired from our workshop to that gained from online videos, several distinctive factors set us apart. The primary differentiating aspect lies in the teacher's dedicated emphasis on makeup techniques and skills that cannot be effectively learned solely through online videos.

While online videos can certainly offer valuable insights and demonstrations, they often lack the personalized guidance and interactive learning experience that our workshop provides. Our experienced teacher will not only demonstrate various makeup techniques, but they will also offer hands-on assistance, individualized feedback, and tailored advice to each participant.

Additionally, our workshop fosters an environment conducive to asking questions, seeking clarification, and engaging in discussions with both the teacher and fellow participants. This direct interaction facilitates a deeper understanding of the intricacies involved in mastering different makeup techniques and ensures that individual challenges and concerns are addressed effectively.

Furthermore, the teacher's expertise and extensive experience in the field allow them to share valuable insights, tips, and tricks that may not be readily available in online videos. They can provide context, explanations, and real-life examples that enhance the learning process and enable participants to grasp the nuances of makeup application more comprehensively.

What is the maximum number of students in the group class?

8 pax

What makeup styles are taught in the class?

One of the makeup styles we focus on is the Daily Korea makeup look, which is suitable for morning daily makeup.

How can I choose a time for a private class?

You have the flexibility to select any available time slot that suits your schedule. Just drop us a message to check for the available time slot.

How to book for the class?

Full payment will be collected to book for the class.

Who will be teaching in the class?

We will be having teachers with 10 years makeup experience to conduct the class.

What is the time for the Makeup Workshop?


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