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A perfect wedding is no doubt a dream for every woman. Our makeup artists will ensure you look amazing on this special moment. Our makeup artists cover more than 60 weddings a year and all of our brides look stunning on their momentous day.

Whether you are looking for natural looking Korean makeup or stunning looks for your traditional Chinese wedding, we have it all here under the same team. We believe that achieving customer’s expectations would make them feel special on their significant day of her life. Our professional makeup artists vouch to give you the flawless look under our makeup service. 


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又是个很温馨的一段回忆 还记得第一次新娘子来见面的时候 没打算试妆 就直接决定录用我们的服务 还直接付了全款 当下是挺感动的 感谢她的信任和肯定 今年是个波折不断的2020 疫情对大家的生活难免会有打击 其实挺心疼新娘子们的 [...]


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随着婚礼越来越简单化,大家更倾向于简约气质的新娘婚礼造型。虽然看似简单,但细节要拿捏到位才可以呈现干净清透的氧气感妆面。 很适合喜欢清新的新娘子哦,甜而不腻的清新感,身着仙女轻纱 每一个瞬间都少女感十足

🌸空灵系写真 | 羽毛朦胧美🌸

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不一定要是新娘子才可以穿婚纱哦,只要搭配好造型和拍摄,婚纱也可以做出不一样的造型😉 很喜欢这款blink blink的妆容,用的都是褐色为主的眼影睫毛膏为的是打照比较柔美的眼妆,这眼神像极了初恋 💕再加上摄影师光影的完美搭配,让一种梦幻而优雅的美淡淡散开~