About Us

Creativo Makeup was founded by Xin Yu in 2017. Her journey into beauty career began when she was drawn to art as a child. Her passion for art aspires her to express and develop her creativity through  artwork.

We are a team of professional makeup artists based in Puchong, Malaysia. Our makeup service covers areas of whole Malaysia. Creativo Makeup provides professional makeup services for wedding day, pre-wedding, ROM and also events.  In Creativo, we spend hours on each hairstyle to ensure each makeup look is unique. We put in a lot of hardwork in accessories design to create something original and special to our clients. We love to see everyone in their best because we strongly believe that confidence always breeds beauty. This is the reason why our experts spent years engulf in doing makeup. With these positive vibes and positive mind, our team takes this spirit and confidence to our customers.


My upbringing always involved discipline and creativity. My family never stopped fostering creativity in me since I was young. I have a great interest in art since young, and my passion for beauty and perfection often keeps me brainstorming of new and fun ideas.

I decided to put my Biotech degree aside and pursue a new career as a makeup artist three years ago. It was a rough start but I managed to be a founder of a makeup team, Creativo Makeup by not giving up my dreams. I have always been a visionary by birth and I love planning too.

I am definitely not the best out there but I will always give out my 110%. And directly making me a workaholic that treat every customer sincerely from the bottom of my heart.



Simply because I love colors, one of my greatest childhood memories was to color pages. Discovering colors and matches them in every way I could have been my passion. And today, I have a sharp sense in color harmony.

So, I joined the makeup industry hoping that I could transform more girls into confident ladies. Making them to leave a strong impression on the people they meet, just by changing the way they dress and makeup.

Today marks the 8th year of my makeup career, I was blessed with a lot of experiences in stage makeup, behind the scene TV series, advertising, special effects and many more. But today I am a bridal makeup artist.

Eyes are the windows to the souls and beautiful eyes steal your words away. I believe that natural makeup styling can bring out the best in you.